To protect our region

The cultivation of rice in the Po Delta is part of a centuries-long history that intertwines with the reclamation of the delta areas and with the development of the rural areas of the provinces of Ferrara and Rovigo.

The path to Protected Geographical Indication certification for Po Delta Rice began with the establishment of the Po Delta Rice Growers Association, which later became the Consortium to Protect Po Delta Rice PGI (Riso del Delta del Po IGP).

Earning Protected Geographical Indication for this product, an integral part of the culture and economy of the region, followed the long procedures necessary for the recognition of the specificity of Po Delta Rice because of the area in which it is produced, processed and transformed. The quality and production chain of Po Delta Rice PGI (Riso del Delta del Po IGP) are guaranteed by the Consortium, which has adopted strict production rules.
The long and complex preliminary investigation for obtaining the PGI mark was completed in 2009, when the European Commission and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry added the Po Delta Rice to the register of PGI products.

The production of Po Delta Rice PGI (Riso del Delta del Po IGP) is codified in the regulations that establish methods and times of cultivation.

Our companies

The Consortium for the Protection of Po Delta Rice PGI (Riso del Delta del Po IGP) is comprised of 31 companies